Every business has a backstory of how they came into existance. Many business owners have dreamed of their business plans for a lifetime, others have taken on not only a business, but a legacy in continuing a family business from generation to generation.Our story is a little different, but no less inspiring. 


​Fantasea Faces was established in the Spring of 2011, but it's story began in August of 2007.

In August of 2007 our youngest son Thrystian was born with congenital heart disease. He immediately was life flighted to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando for open heart surgery. He did well and was stable for about two years. In January 2011 he had a second open heart surgery. As a treat after recovery we decided to take Thrystian and our four other children to Disney for a family vacation in March of that year. As a nurse, a normal job was not practical for me at the time. I was nursing my two year old son to recovery from heart surgery and my husband from his third ankle surgery stemming from an injury sustained from his military service. On our first day at Disney the kids begged to get their faces painted. As they were being painted I watched intently while my brain went into overload. Being a goofy creative person was who I was. This was something I would love to do. This was something I could do to support my family while still being able to stay home with my son on a daily basis. So, before we left Orlando I told my husband I was going to be a face painter. Of course his first question was " So why again did you get a nursing degree?" And while I loved nursing, and still do, I am a crazy creative being with the soul of an artist. So, when we returned home from vacation I researched the products, business licenses, and legalities needed to begin a face painting business. After taking classes, teaching myself , and painting my children hundreds of times over, Fantasea Faces was established. This has been one of the greatest and most rewarding journeys of my life. I am blessed to say I truly love what I do. I dont have a job, I have a passion. A passion that can only be expressed by the look on a child's face after that first glimpse in the mirror. Who could ask for more? From our start out of pure neccesity we have grown into a family business including three generations and encompassing not only face painting, but, glitter tattoos, airbrush art, balloon twisting and decor. Thrystian is "on staff" as well. You will find him throughout the site as one of our official design models.  As we continue to grow we strive to meet all of your event needs. We love to establish and grow our relationships through art. We would love to get to know you and put a little Fantasea into your special day.